Endocrinology and pediatric endocrinology The department was organized by order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education and by the order of the institute. The work of Department of the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Charter of the university. Department is headed by MD, PHD professor Ismailov S.I., appointed by order of the Rector of the university.

Clinical bases of the department are in the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Endocrinology named after Yo.Kh. Turakulova MZ RUz, and in the Sanatorium of Semashko. Employees of the department are highly qualified specialists in the field of pediatric and adult endocrinology, who have a long pedagogical and scientific experience. There are 4 assistant professors and 7 assistant students at the department. The students of the 4th year of the bachelor’s degree, the 2-3-year nurses with higher education , and students of the Master’s degree and clinical residency. Special seminars, practical classes, professorial lectures are conducted for them, together with teachers supervise patients in the departments.