Scientific topic of the department is “Monitoring of iodine deficiencies in Uzbekistan”. Besides this we work in different scientific grants in sphere of diabetology, immunology, neuroendocrinology.

Scientific activity of the department is conducted not only in traditional fundamental directions (diabetes, iodine deficiency diseases, thyroidology, reproductive endocrinology), but also covers new urgent problems: ways of preventing iodine deficiency diseases, research of hormones of hypothalamic-pituitary system, problems of osteoporosis, problems of pediatric endocrinology, screening of sugar diabetes, orphan diseases, as well as the introduction of new methods of diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases.

In the scientific work priority issues remain the mechanisms of the development of disorders in endocrine diseases, the clinical epidemiological aspects of endocrine diseases in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Together with the team (Center for Endocrinology) RSNPMT MZ RUz named after academician Turakulov Ya.Kh. employees of the department perform scientific research.

International cooperation of the department is conducted with the University of London (England). Joint research is conducted in the field of hormones of the hypothalamic-pituitary system, tumors of the pituitary gland, as well as other innovative methods of treating endocrine diseases.

The department of endocrinology actively visits the scientific site of the database “Scopus”, the staff of the department downloaded 300 scientific materials from the database for comparison and research. These information are very useful for writing materials for their magisterial and doctoral and scientific works and for publishing articles and abstracts in scientific journals.

Master’s thesis for 2022 y. y.