The course on Endocrinology was organized in SAMPI in 1980, at the Department of Hospital Pediatrics Heads of the department were: prof.Pashkovsky E.F., prof. Abdullahodzhaev M.S., prof. Kim A.A. Head of the course of Endocrinology was appointed Associate Prof. Sharafuddinova L.M. Assistantlar: Candidate of Medical Science M.Mirkamilova, Ph.D. Baymatova G. Zh, ass Rakhimova L.M. The department organizes educational, methodical, therapeutic, scientific activities This course was organized on the basis of the Republican Endocrinology Dispensary (100 beds) In 1981, the course of endocrinology was transferred to the Endocrinology Research Institute and continued its activities. In 1989 year for the course of endocrinology was allocated a new building In 1994, Professor Bodnya I.A. based on the course of endocrinology created the chair of endocrinology. Head of the chair is Associate Professor Sharafuddinova L.M. Ass. Khojaeva F.S., Ass.Babakhodzhaeva Sh..A., Ass.Nigmatov A.N., Ph.D. Baymatova G. Zh., Ass. Rakhimova L.M. actively carried out educational, methodical, curative, scientific activity of the department. Since 1998, the department of endocrinology is headed by professor S.Ismailov.