On the basis of the work plan of TashPMI about matters of spirituality and enlightenment approved by the Scientific Council in August 2023, chair of General Surgery at the meeting of 30.08.2023 for the 2023-2024 school year, confirmed its work plan, vice-rector for spiritual and moral education of TashPMI M.A.Ahmedova affirmed it. Plan consists of 15 points, and on the basis of the plan carried out following works. On September 3, 2023 the first lesson was devoted to the 32 anniversary of independence of Uzbekistan. All the groups gathered in the assembly hall. The meeting was held by the head of the department, prof. T.A. Askarov, other teachers and students also attended, they presented a video on the good deeds carried out in our republic over 32 years. Protocols were written and handed over to the department of spirituality and enlightenment. Updated and enriched with literature the existing corners of spirituality and enlightenment in the department. Hanged stands dedicated to year of the Attention and Care for the older generation. In the department conducted hours of information with the students of 3, 4, 5 courses and staff of emergency surgery. Nowadays information hours conducted in connection with the Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education “The fight against drugs among young people”. 4 members of the department appointed as curators of 4, 5 course of medical and educational and medical faculty. They often meet each other on the basis of plan. Curators got acquainted with students living condition, met with tenants. They went with the students in a museum, theaters and historical sites. Employees of the chair in January and March went to students’ home and conducted an event called “how do you live, student.” Students talked about their lives, interests and about the study, asked questions that they were interested in. Members of the chair also told about the history of the Chair of General Surgery, the founders and employees. They also talked about the fight against offenses and drug addiction among students. On Teachers’ Day conducted the event, congratulated the teachers who have worked in this department, and those who work. The big celebration dedicated to 32 th anniversary of the Constitution and to the Defender of the Fatherland Day, was attended by members of the department and students. With the New Year holidays, the labor union handed out tickets for the holidays and active employees of the department were awarded with tickets to the theater. It is also widely celebrated March 8 “International Women’s Day”, March 21 “Holiday Navruz”, May 9 “Day of Memory and Honors”. In these events students of 3, 4, 5 courses of medical and educational faculty, members of the department were attended.