Scholar-methodical job: Training and job with students is carried out according to the confirmed typical and working programs, and as under individual weekly and annual plans. Introduction of modern advanced foreign experience of teaching the CART, UNICEF, the TEACH-VIP the Project of Health II – PRT (problem-rough training). The Tutor on ophthalmology – tests of new generation for all levels (for students, masters and clinical interns and doctors) in three languages in a kind the Internet of page with the note on correct and wrong answers and with the link to sites corresponding the Internet. In the working program for every year have been renewe additions and changes like step-by-step consultations of patients with № 3 on № to 11 employments are brought, materials from the CART of the recommendation of the order № 155 are brought, materials from the order № 80 are brought, educational technologies on all employment are brought. Multimedia programs with situational problems, a model for research of pathologies of an eye bottom – for acquisition of skills ophthalmoscopy and differential diagnostics of pathologies of an eye bottom are successfully used a training apparatus for biomicroophthalmoscopy.

Discipline development is directed on formation of active clinical thinking at students taking into account necessity of the maximum individualization of clinical supervision and tactical actions. Training methods are spent – traditional: conversation, messages, answers to questions, and also interactive – clinical imitating game with use of methods “role game”, a “snowball”, “brain storm”, the decision of situational problems of various level of complexity, testing. Working out of schemes of pathogenesis developments of a critical status, diagnostic process, components of the urgent help methods of “presentations”, “round on gallery”, “the academic polemic.

In 2019 had been set training operational microscope for students of masters degree and for clinical residents. New technologies of training allow to solve actual problems of education and corresponds to time requirements, provide possibility to carry out training in conditions as much as possible approached by a real life, allow to co-ordinate a theoretical material to practical activities and to involve students in active independent informative process, provide formation and development professional and key competition. On chair following technologies of training are introduced: graphic organizers, designing and a case method.