The department of Ophthalmology, children ophthalmology of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute has been founded on 20th August 1972. Base of the department was situated in the Tashkent regional ophthalmologic hospital. Its first manager was a senior lecturer (since 1982 – the professor) Levchenko Oksana Glebovna . Since 1993 till 2009 senior lecturer Zahidov Basit Abidovich managed the department. 1983 the department is based in city clinical children’s hospital. The Republican children’s eye centre, branch on 80 cots had been organised. On department these years worked senior lecturer Mirzaev Hasan Mirzaevich, Mahkamova Hamida Mahkamova, Еliseyeva Svetlana Grigorevna, assistants Tabachkova Zynaida Andreevna and Shirin Vladimir Viktorovich.

In 1996 the department has transferred the base in clinic TashPMI, the children’s eye branch has opened. A year later department has begun cooperation with the international charitable organization “Mercy Project”.   As a part of the organization the new department called “Hope of Light” was created.  Main objectives of organization were the help to children to invalids on sight, study of young ophthalmologists, equipment the department with modern technologies for rendering assistance by the patient. Under this project together with employees of department worked foreign experts doctor McCollum (USA) and doctor Neil Rogers (Great Britain).  Teamwork has proceeded till 2008. In a current of these years 14 actions “Cataract” were organized, 4600 inspections in boarding schools are spent, in common in clinic have been consulted more than 13000 patients with various forms congenital and acquired eye pathology, operated over 4000 patients with various pathologies of eyes. New methods ophthalmoplastic, surgeries of vitreal body, kinds of surgical treatment of squint, laser surgery etc. have been introduced. Results of the spent job are reported at the international conferences 1997, 1999, 2005 which have been organized by department. Training trainings of young doctors under the guidance of the professor Nelson  were carried out; J.J.Kansky’s monograph “Clinical ophthalmology” is translated to the uzbek language. Ophthalmologists of our country have been provided by this book. In 2004 department of the magistracy has opened. From the beginning of opening of section 74 masters are released. Since 2009 on present time department has been managing by the doctor of medical sciences Buzrukov Botir Tulkunovich.