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Contents of the lecture material

1.Introduction. The History to ophthalmology, its place and importance in medicine. Shaping and physiology of the organ of the vision. The Clinical anatomy of the organ of the vision and visual functions in age aspect.2
2.Age dynamics of three kinds of a clinical refraction. Normal accommodation and its pathologies. Visual exhaustion. Short-sightedness at children. A pathology of ocular motility. Binocular, stereoscopic vision.2
3.Congenital and gained pathology defensive – an appendages of eyes and refracting device of the eye.2
4.Congenital and gained pathology of the vascular tract. Ophthalmic oncology. Pathology of intraocular  pressure (the glaucoma primary, secondary, congenital, hypotony of the eyes )2
5.Damage eyeball and its appurtenance. The Diseases of the visual nerve and retina. The Relationship of the diseases of the organ of the vision with the general pathology.2
Total10 h.

Contents of practical occupations.

1The Clinical anatomy and clinical physiology of the organ of the vision. The methods of the study.2.02.0
2The Functions of the organ of the vision. The Methods of the study function organ of the vision depending on age of the children.3.03.0
3The Clinical refraction. The Myopia, hyperopia  and astigmatism; the preventive maintenance and methods of the treatment.2.02.0
4The Squint, its types. Etiology, clinic and complications.3.03.0
5The Methods of the treatment and preventive maintenance  diseases of  conjunctiva and lachrymal organ. The Preventive maintenance and methods of the treatment.2.02.0
6The Diseases of the cornea, sclera and orbit. The Methods of the diagnostics and treatment.2.04.0
7The Diseases of the lens of the eye: congenital and gained. The Methods of the treatment. Correction of aphakia2.02.0
8The Diseases of the vascular tract, clinic, diagnostic, treatment.2.04.0
9The Glaucoma: congenital, primary and secondary. The Preventive maintenance, diagnostic and treatment.2.02.0
10The Trauma of the organ of the vision. The First aid, clinic, diagnostic and methods of the treatment.2.04.0
11The Diseases of the optic nerve and retina. The Evidences to education children in school for blind and visually impaired. VTEK. VKK.2.04.0
12Total spoken checking by OSCE.2.04.0