For 2020, the research activities of the Department of Outpatient Medicine, Physical Education.

The scientific direction of the department on the topic “Diagnosis, treatment and ways of preventive improvement of frequently occurring diseases in children.”

Research work was carried out under the guidance of Professor Shamansurova E.A.

In the six months of 2020, examinations were conducted in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, respiratory, intestinal, non-infectious diseases. The clinical course of the laboratory data was determined, and the latest methods of treating patients were developed.

The annual report of the research activities of the department staff.

The theme of the department is “Diagnosis, treatment and ways of preventive improvement of frequently occurring diseases in children”. To carry out a specific fragment from this work, we carry out research work on the early determination of noncommunicable diseases in adolescent children, especially the tactics of treatment and diagnosis of GPs for doctors and pediatricians. In the doctoral work on the topic “Features of the formation of chronic non-infectious diseases in adolescent children and ways to improve diagnostic and therapeutic approaches”, an action algorithm was developed for GPs of doctors and pediatricians. Also from this work we made 3 methodological recommendations on the topic “Therapeutic administration of children and teenagers with noncommunicable diseases based on the concept of risk factors”, “Improving preventive measures for the development of noncommunicable diseases in children from the risk group”, “Rehabilitation approaches to arterial prophylaxis” hypertension in adolescent children. ” We implemented the obtained results in the municipalities of Turtkul and Khuyzhaili of the city of Nukus in the Republic of Karakalpakistan, in the health department in the Tashkent region, the municipal district of Angar in the Surkhandary region, the municipal district of Yashnabad district in the city of Tashkent, the ICST of the Gulistan district in the Sirdarin region, in the SM No. 12 in the Zhizzak region .

Work is underway (PhD) on the topic “The role of streptococcus pneumonia in the etiology of respiratory diseases in children, the effectiveness of vaccination prevention”. From the obtained scientific results, methodological recommendations were developed under the name “Method for optimizing the treatment of pneumococcal pneumonia in children” and “Method for optimizing the treatment of children with otitis media.” These guidelines were practiced in the departments of pulmonology and otolaryngology of the RSNICP in the city of Tashkent, KTMK in the city of Chirchik, and in the CTBC of the Jizzakh region.

Under the guidance of E.A. Shamansurova, the topic of the scientific work (PhD) “Clinical and pathogenetic aspects of vitamin D deficiency in children with recurrent respiratory diseases” was established. We studied articles on the factors of development of vitamin D deficiency in children, the features of the course of vitamin D deficiency with other concomitant diseases, and determined the characteristics of clinical and laboratory parameters. From the results published a number of scientific articles.

According to the program Ilm-fan 2020, the assistant appointed assistant Kutlituratova Z.R. to the position responsible for the Scopus base, all the department staff also participated in seminars on Scopus. From 2018 to today, the faculty of TashPMI actively use the Web of science, Scopus and EBSCO systems.

Currently, all employees of the department are faculty, doctoral students have registered and use the database.

Some articles written by department staff headed by the department head are cited in the Web of science, Scopus and Google Scholar systems.

To date, more than 1,500 scientific literature has been downloaded and the department staff are actively using this data.

All employees of the department were registered on the platforms, ClinukalKey and are actively using it.

The participation of the department staff in state and other projects in 2020.

Full name of the facultyTopic names
Agzamova Sh.A., Shamansurova E.A., Akhmedova F.M., Akhmedova D.I., Alieva N.R.Practical project on the theme “Development of screening methods for the diagnosis and prevention of hypertension in children and adolescents” 2018-2020.