The scientific directions of TashPMI

In TashPMI, there are medical and especially pediatric directions of theoretical and clinical departments of the institute aimed at solving the most important scientific and technological problems of medical science and technology in accordance with the priority areas of science and technology. Main researches in TashPMI coincide with the priorities of researches of science and technology of the Republic of Uzbekistan and include the following tasks:

– Creation of unified information technology system and networks of electronic document-exchange for use in the management of treatment-diagnostic process in health care;

– Development of scientific bases of transition to preventive health care model, using information technologies, predictive and mathematical modeling, optimization of ways of management and education;

– Creation of new types of medical diagnostic equipment (instruments, devices, tools, test systems, etc.) and biocompatible implants, as well as technologies for their use by non-invasive or minimally invasive interventions;

– Creation of diagnostic screening methods to determine in the pre-clinical and early stages of manifestation pathologies of pregnancy and childbirth, socially important infectious and non-infectious diseases in children and adults;

– Development of effective technologies for preserving women’s health of reproductive and menopause periods, as well as children and adolescents engaged in physical culture and sports;

– Development of systems of prediction and prevention of adverse effects of environmental, industrial, alimentary and meteodependent factors on human health, taking into account individual reactivity (genetic, immunological, biochemical, etc.) and resistance of the body;

Development of new methods of treatment and differentiated therapy of diseases based on the detection of genetic polymorphism and other determinants of pathological conditions of the human body.