1. Application No. 769 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated September 27, 2017-proceedings in accordance with the requirements of the regulations and legislation on the procedure for sending graduates of higher medical educational institutions studying on the basis of a state grant of Bachelor’s degree in separate educational areas to family doctor’s points and family polyclinics for work.
  2. Formation of a database based on the study of the need of enterprises, institutions and organizations for higher informed personnel being prepared at the higher educational institution.
  3. Applicants for training services, including the ratio of demand and offers to students and graduates of undergraduate and graduate specialties (employer enterprises, organizations with a variety of forms of ownership – state and local government bodies, state and non-governmental organizations, etc.k.) structure assessment, geographic location determination and grouping, creating a Tulik data bank by diagnosing potential capabilities.
  4. Organization and implementation of a special (online) course called “Career Planning” with the aim of forming knowledge, skills and skills for students in the search for suitable vacancies in the labor market and teaching methods of interviewing employers.
  5. To introduce students to the basics of labor law documents, skills in the search for suitable vacancies in the labor market, the preparation of a resume for employment and the required documents for admission to work.
  6.  Professional orientation of students with the involvement of advanced specialists and experts in the health system, acquaintance with the current and promising state of the art in the labor market, with up-to-date information about a particular profession, place of work and employers, enterprises in the future.
  7. With the participation of interested agencies and organizations, the organization of job fairs, career days and the implementation of activities that strengthen students ‘ motivation for future professional activities.
  8. Preparation and publication of specialists training of higher educational institution, employment of graduates, preparation and publication of other analytical materials on the current labor activity (career) of previously graduated graduates of this higher educational institution and in this direction.
  9. The introduction of urgent issues related to improving the quality of the personnel being prepared for consideration in the councils of the higher educational institution, cooperation in this regard with the relevant departments of the higher educational institution.
  10.  Monitoring the training of personnel in higher educational institutions and the distribution of graduates to work on the basis of a state grant.
  11.  Systematic analysis and evaluation of employment processes of students and graduates of higher educational institutions.
  12. Assistance in the development and improvement of market relations in the field of training, the formation of a real “portfolio of orders”for graduate bachelors and masters based on the indicators of demand for young specialists.
  13. To ensure the satisfaction of the real needs of the institutions, enterprises and organizations in the territory where the higher education institution is located, the activities of the higher educational institution are organized.
  14. To analyze the changes in the structure of the services market, which can lead to the emergence of competitive training services in the field of undergraduate and graduate specialties in the sectors of the economy of the Republic and the social sphere, as well as to prepare proposals for establishing new development reforms.
  15. In cooperation with potential employers (applicants), taking into account the rapid volatility in the higher education system and the interaction of the labor market with the dynamics of development, to study the need of sectors and sectors of the Republic’s economy for young specialists of higher education by Regions.
  16. On the basis of the requirements and needs of the current and promising development programs of the economic sectors and regions, first of all, the development of proposals on the introduction of higher education training in the field of high and innovative technologies and specialties.
  17. In the training of specialist personnel, the organization of mutual cooperation and communication with interested organizations, including beating the opinions of the officials of the enterprise, organization or institution on the quality and potential of the personnel being prepared.
  18. In the higher education system, personnel training is involved in the processes of preparation, adoption and implementation of management decisions on the market of training services. Development of practical proposals and implementation of appropriate measures to ensure competitive training.
  19. Cumulation of the use of young specialists based on the requirements and needs of personnel applicants.
  20.  Discussion of the requirements of the customer for the quality of personnel in the process of training of personnel at the board of the higher educational institution.
  21. To provide the Ministry of Higher and urta special training with information formulated in the current year graduates of higher training institutions in tugris talim yunalishlar (specialties), Ministry of employment, office (enterprises and organizations) and cross-section of Regions.
  22.  Study of the conjuncture of the labor market, formation of proposals for admission parameters on the basis of orders of applicants for graduates, submission of documents on the organization of the database of the higher educational institution on admission, student contingent, registration of graduates to work to the Ministry of Higher and urta special training at the time of uz.
  23. Establishment of clinical bases for the organization of student practice, establishment of cooperative relations with state and non-state medical institutions and formalization of conditions.
  24. Implementation of student practice on the basis of the regulation on the procedure for conducting practice in medical and Pharmaceutical Education and the procedure for conducting the practice of students of medical and pharmaceutical higher education institutions on the basis of the order of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 279 of November 13, 2019 “on approval of