About department

Since 2005 chair manages the prof. Yo.u.Zokirov – d.m.s

Now on chair following employees work:

Managing chair, the prof. Yo.U.Zokirov – the d.m.s.,
The senior lecturer of the Island Z.C.Shahobutdinov – d.m.s.,
The senior lecturer S.A.Begmanov – c.m.s.,
Assistants M.K.Irgashev – c.m.s.





Scientific degree chairs of 52 %.

For last 3 years it is published in addition 8 scholastic – methodical grants in the Uzbek language and on the Latin drawing and it is prepared for the edition 2х the languid textbook «Pathological physiology» with a pediatric bias in the Uzbek language (the Latin drawing).