At the Department of pathological physiology research is carried out according to the approved plan. Research at the Department is conducted on the topic ” Study of hydrolytic and suction function of the gastrointestinal tract in various allergic reactions.” In carrying out this scientific work involved the teaching staff of the Department .The Department has 1 Professor 2 associate Professor PhD, 1 assistant PhD, 6 assistant without a scientific degree. The scientific potential of the Department is 54%. All employees of the Department from the Professor inclusive of all associate professors and assistants during the school year publish articles, abstracts, teaching AIDS.Published in 2020:

1. Professor E.From Zokirov соавторстве1 in article 2 of the thesis in collaboration.
2. Ass. S. A. Begmanov co-authored 2 article.
3. Ass. K. M. N. M. K..Irgashev co-authored 1 article
4. Ass. N. A. Abidova co-authored 2 article.
5. Ass. G. A. Khakimova co-authored article 3.
6. Ass.G. M. Umarkhodjaeva co-authored article 3.
7. Ass.D. D. Talibnazarova co-author 2 article.
8. Ass.N. And.Bahromova co-author 1 article.

In addition, students participate in the performance of scientific work at the Department through SSS. This year, the 48th scientific-practical conference of the Institute will be attended by 10 students with theses.In 2020, a scopus article was published, the authors are Prof. Zokirov Y.U., Associate Professor Shakhobutdinov Z.S., Associate Professor Begmanov S.A., Senior Lecturer Abidova N.A. and assistant Khakimova G.A. , in the Journal of Biomimetrics Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering “Age characteristics of mast cell reactivity in allergies”

mechanisms of allergic diseases development

some aspects of the development of infectious-allergic and toxic hepatitis and cirrhosis