Head of the Department: Professor Mannanov Abdushukur Malikovich

Employes of the Department: Prof. Abdullaev M.I., prof. Yuldashev M.A., Associate Professor Khaitov K.N., Associate Professor Rikhsiev U.Sh., Associate Professor Bababekova N.B., assistants Khodjaeva S.M., Babadjanov O.A., Nabieva D.D., Mun A.V., Akhrarov X.X., Adilgereeva M.I., Valiev A.A., Pulatova S.H.

Doctoral student of the department: Alimov Sh.G., Karimov B.B.

The dermatovenerology, pediatric dermatovenerology and AIDS has been teaching for training 4th year bachelors of all faculties (I, II-pediatric, Medical-pedagogical and medical faculties) and 3rd year I, II -Pediatric faculties. Also, the department trained medical residents in the specialty “Dermatovenereology”.

  • Scientific potential of the department – 54.5% (with hourly -72.7%)
  • The average age of the department employees is 43 years

At the department conducts research in the following areas: 

1. Clinical and immunological characteristics of limited scleroderma in children, optimization of treatment methods “assistant Mun A.V.

2. “Peculiarities of the course of HIV-associated dermatoses in children” by the assistant Nabieva D.D.

3. “Vitiligo in children: a psychosomatic characteristic and the development of phased treatment” by assistant Akhrarov Kh.Kh.

4. “Differentiated approach to therapy and prevention of papillomavirus infection in children” by assistant Adilgereeva M.I.

Department staff are actively involved in the development of guidelines, training manuals and textbooks on neurology. In addition, the department, masters, and doctoral candidates are actively participating in international conferences, congresses.