Department staff

The teaching staff is 20 people.

Academic – 1

Professors – 2

Doctors of Science – 3

Assistant professor – 9

PhD – 13

Senior teachers – 2

Assistants – 6

 1. Saatov T. S., Doctor of Biological Sciences, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan

 2. Yuldashev N. M., Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, head of department

 3. Khaibullina Z. R., Doctor of Medical Sciences, Assistant  Professor, Executive Secretary for Problem TashPMI commissions

 4. Karimova Sh. F., Ph.D., Assistant  Professor, responsible for the educational work on discipline “Biochemistry”

 5. Ziyamutdinova Z. K., Ph.D., Assistant Professor

 6. Akbarhodzhaeva H.N., Ph.D., Assistant Professor

 7. Ismailova G. O., Ph.D., Assistant Professor

 8. Nishantaev M.K., Ph.D., assistant

 9. Rashidova D. A., assistant

10. Azizova N. M., assistant

11. Ikramova Z. O., Ph.D., assistant, responsible for the educational work on

      discipline “Medical chemistry”

12. Alimkhodzhaeva N. T., Ph.D., Assistant Professor

13. Aikhodjaev B.K., Ph.D., Assistant professor

14. Arifzhanov S.Z., Ph.D., Assistant Professor

15. Sulaimanova G.G., Ph.D., assistant

16. Azimov A.M., assistant

17. Shertaev M. M., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, responsible for the academic work in the discipline “Medical biology, general genetics.”

18. Sultanbekova I.A., Ph.D., senior teachers

19. Ikramova S. Kh., Ph.D., senior teachers

20. Chorieva Z. A., assistant

In the teaching staff of the department 1 head. laboratories and laboratory assistants.

Student contingent

1st course: Faculty of Higher Nursing 

1-2 courses: pediatrics, healing, мedical-рedagogical faculties.

1-2 courses: мedical-biological faculty

1-2 courses: pediatric, healing  international faculty

Subjects studied at the department

1. Medical chemistry (1 course, 1-2 semester)

2. Chemistry (1 course, 1-2 semester)

3. Medical biology, general genetics (1 course, 1-2 semester)

4. Physico-chemical foundations of modern research methods in medicine

    (1 course, 2 semester)

5. Clinical biochemistry (1 course, 2 semester)

6. Biochemistry (1 course, 2 semesters; 2 courses, 3-4 semesters)

7. Bioethics (2 year, 3 semester)