Scientific topics of the department:

  1. Molecular basis of secondary immunodeficiencies and methods for their correction.
  2. Molecular mechanisms of damage to biological membranes.
  3. Synthesis of biologically active compounds based on complexes of biogenic elements with ligands.

Employees of the department widely publish the results of their scientific work in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and collections abroad (SKOPUS, IF, RSCI), including in highly rated domestic scientific journals (Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan).

Employees of the department participate and make presentations at the TashPMI Institute, at republican and international conferences.

Defense of dissertations

Defense of the thesis

For the past period 05/10/2023. Candidates Rashidova Durdona Ahadovna “Effectiveness of connective tissue amino acids in the correction of diseases caused by necrotic damage to the myocardium” and Azizova Noila Miralieva “Functional and metabolic state of erythrocytes of different blood groups” received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at the Tashkent Medical Academy DSS.04/30.12. 2019 03.00.01 – biochemistry, 14.00.16 – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in normal and pathological physiology defended under the guidance of prof. Yuldasheva N.M.

Cooperation of departments

In scientific work, the department closely cooperates with the Department of Biochemistry of the TMA, the Department of Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics of the Tashkent Institute of Internal Medicine, the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan named after Academician A.S. Sadykov, with the Institute of Biochemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), the Department of Biochemistry of the Urgen Branch of TMA, the Department of Biochemistry of the Nukus Branch of Tashkent PMI.

Membership in scientific organizations and editorial boards

Currently, the staff of the department is Academician Saatov T.S. is a member of the Specialized Council 03.00.01 – Biochemistry, biophysics and radiobiology at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry.

Professor Yuldashev N.M. – Member of the Academic Council, Doctor of Technical Sciences 07/27/2017.Tib.30.03 according to TTA; Member of the Academic Council Doctor of Technical Sciences 12.29.2018.B.01.13 at the Institute of Biophysics and Biochemistry of the National University of Uzbekistan; member of the Scientific and Technical Council of the medical section; member of the Scientific and Technical Council for Biology; Chairman of the Biochemical Monothematic Council; Participant of the scientific seminar “Pathological Physiology” at the Academic Council DN.27.07.2017.Tib.30.03; DSc.27.07.2017.Tib.30.03; participant of the scientific seminar “Biochemistry” at the Academic Council; Member of the Board of Trustees of TashPMI.

Doctor of Medical Sciences Khaibullina Z.R. is the chairman of the problem commission of the medical and biological faculty of Tashkent PMI. DSc.27.06.2017.Tib.29.01. 14.00.01 – Obstetrics and gynecology, 14.00.09 – Pediatrics, 14.00.11 – Secretary of the scientific seminar on dermatology and venereology at the Academic Council.

Publications 2021-2023

Title of worksPrintedEditionAuthors
 1Functional and metabolic state of the monooxygenase system of the liver in experimental hypothyroidismArticle Scientific Bulletin of Namangan State University, No. 7, 2019, P.73-79Rasulova M.T., Nishantaev M.K., Yuldashev N.M.
 2The thyroid status of the organism in the inhibition of the monooxygenase system of the liver in the experimentArticleScientific Bulletin of Namangan State University, No. 2, 2019, P.116-123Rasulova M.T., Yuldashev N.M.
 3Functional and metabolic state of the monooxygenase system of the liver in experimental hypo- and hyperthyroidismArticleScientific-abstract, spiritual and educational journal “New Day in Medicine”, No. 4 (28), 2019, P. 414-418Rasulova M.T., Nishantaev M.K., Yuldashev N.M.
 4Synthesis of some substituted analogues of natural flavones and chalconesArticleThe scientific journal Spirit-time, Vol. 1. No. 10 (22), “NG Verlag”, Berlin, 2019. P. 27-29.Ismailova G.O., Karimova Sh.F., Avazov X.B.
 5Сonformation of the structure of hydroxyl-containing chalcons with 1,5-benzodioxepane fragmentArticle  International Journal Of Professional Science (IJPS), №2 Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, Scientific public organization “Professional science”, 2020, P. 44-47.Ismailova G. O., Rahmanova M. U. Karimova M. M.    
 6Synthesis of Some Substituted Analogues of Natural Flavones and ChalconesArticleInternational Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Vol. 24, Special Issue 1, 2020, Р. 840-844. ISSN: 1475-7192 DOI: 10.37200/IJPR/ V24SP1/PR201226 London, United KingdomGulzira Ismailova, Shakhnoza Abzalova, Zulfiya Ikramova, Bakhromkhodja Aykhodjaev, Sabirdjan Arifdjanov
 7“Chemical structure – biological activity” of some synthesized derivatives of chalconesArticleVestnik magazine of the Karakalpak branch of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. No. 1. Nukus “Ilim”, 2020. P. 41-45.Ismailova G.O., Yuldashev N.M., Uzakbergenova Z.D.
 8The placenta permeability for 14C-thyroxine at different stages of pregnancy in animalsArticle  Scientific and practical journal “Pediatrics”, No. 1. 2020. P.132-136.Karimova Sh.F., Yuldashev N.M., Ismailova G.O., Mirmahmudova S.I.
 9Endocrine system in the aspect of medical and biological chemistryArticleiScience “Actual challenges of modern science”, Pereyaslav (Ukraine), No. 3 (47), part 1. 2020, P.14-16.Ziyamutdinova Z.K., Mirsobitdinova M.M., Khatamova Z.Z., Solieva K.S., Yunusova K.B.

Textbooks 2019-2020

Job titleEditionAuthors
 1Medical biochemistry (for students of a higher medical institute)“O’zkitobsavdonashriyoti” LLC, Tashkent-2020, 580 pp. (in Russian language)Sabirova R.A., Yuldashev N.M., Inoyatova F.Kh., Kulmanova M.U.
 2Tibbiy biokimyo (tibbiyot oliy Kuv yurtlari talabalari uchun)“O’zkitobsavdonashriyoti” LLC, Toshkent-2020, 632  pp. (in Uzbek language)Sabirova R.A., Yuldashev N.M., Inoyatova F.Kh., Kulmanova M.U.

Conferences 2019-2020

Employees of the department participate and make presentations at national and international conferences.

Title of worksPrintedEditionAuthors
 1Biochemical features with cholestatic liver conditionThesisRepublican materials 12th interdisciplinary remote online conferences on the theme “Scientific and practical research in Uzbekistan “part-4, Р. 183.Rasulova M.T., Nishantaev M.K., Yuldashev N.M.
 2Influence of the state of the thyroid gland of a lactating rat on the activity of enzymes in the liver and digestive system of newborn ratsThesisCollection of scientific papers of the II International scientific and practical on-line conference “Actual issues of medical science in the XXI century” TashGosStomInstitut, Uzbekistan, December 15, 2019. P. 99-100Karimova Sh.F., Ismailova G.O., Tagaimuradova Z.F.    
 3Synthesis of natural coumarine with 1,6-benzodioxocine fragmentThesisInternational Online Conference “Health-saving activities of an educational institution: effective techniques and methods” Center for Scientific Cooperation “Interactive Plus” 01/22/2020, P.1-3. Russia, CheboksaryIsmailova G.O., Abdikulova U.A., Ilyasova Z.E.  
 4The study of the synthetic model of 3-hetarylcoumarin with a 1,4-benzodioxane fragment using the mass spectrumThesisMaterials of the scientific conference “PROBLEMS OF BIOPHYSICS AND BIOCHEMISTRY – 2020”. Institute of Biophysics and Biochemistry and Faculty of Biology at the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek; May 22, 2020, P. 86.Ismailova G.O., Ziyamutdinova Z.K., Azizova N.M.
 5Membrane-stabilizing effect of liposomes in liver pathologyThesisThere too. P. 69Ziyamutdinova Z.K., Ismailova G.O., Karimova Sh. F.
 6Biochemical markers of subclinical inflammation at patients with coronary atherosclerosis and metabolic syndrome  ThesisThere too.  P. 3Abdullaeva S.D., Khaybullina Z.R., Nishantaev M.K.

Student Scientific Society of the Department

The department operates the Student Scientific Society (SSS) and the circle “Young Biochemist”. Participants of SSS are actively engaged in scientific work, publish abstracts of work at the Institute of Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute, at national and international conferences of SSS. Areas of scientific activity of the Young Biochemist club: free-radical processes in the body for various diseases.

Publications of aids to 2019-2020

Title of worksPrintedEditionScientific supervisorSurname students
1Antituberculosis activity of synthesized 3-heteroaryl-4Н-coumarinsThesisCollection of articles on materials International scientific-practical conference “Actual issues of modern science: theory, methodology, practice, innovation ” Part 2.17 January 2020, Publishing House “Research Center Herald of Science”. Russia, Ufa. P. 137-141.Ismailova G.O.Azamov R.T., Butaboeva S.Sh. 205-medical business  
 The synthesized flavone cytoprotective activityThesis“Scientific works of gifted youth and 21st century medicine”. Materials Republican 48 scientific and practical online video conference of student scientific society dedicated to the “Year of the development of science, education and digital Economics ”. Tashkent-2020, May 20, TashPMI, P. 374.Ismailova G.O.Abdijafarov A.T. 203-medical ped
 The biological activity of the synthesized 3-amino, 6-fluoro-3′,4′-ethylenedioxyflavoneThesisThere too. P. 374-375Ismailova G.O.Abdikulova U.A. 205-medical business
 The effect of thyroidectomy and hyperthyroidism on the activity of Ca2+/H2+ antiporter in mitochondria of rat liverThesisThere too. P. 387.Karimova Sh.F.Goziev N. 210-1 ped
 The effect of changes in the functional state of the thyroid gland of a lactating female on metabolic processes in the body of newborn rat pupsThesisThere too. P. 410.Karimova Sh.F.Shodiev I. 209-2 ped
 Apoptoz va uning biologik ahamiyatiThesisThere too. P. 390Karimova Sh.F.Komilzhonov Z.R. 210-1 ped.
 The importance of liposomes for membrane stabilizationThesisThere too. P. 393.Ziyamutdinova Z.K.Mirzakulova L. 212-medical ped
 Impaired carbohydrate metabolism in the liverThesisThere too. P. 409.Ziyamutdinova Z.K.Holova N. 212-1 ped
 Аpaptoz mexanizmlarining organizmdagi ahamiyati  ThesisThere too. P. 399.Azizova N.M.Radjabmuxamedova S. 202-medical ped
 Еksperimental giperxolesterinemiya rivojlanishida qon zadobidagi yogʻ kislotalari tarkibining oʻzgarishiThesisThere too. P. 383.Azizova N.M.Asqarov M.T. 201-medical business
 Siydik kislata hosil bo`lish mexanizmi va uning ahamiyati.  ThesisThere too. P. 408.Azizova N.M.Xolmurodova M. 202-medical ped

Circle leader: ass. Suleymanova G.G.

• Publishing of student works in scientific materials (see: Downloads)