The department Emergency medical care (earlier called by department of urgent pediatrics) has been based 1993 under the recommendation of Ministry of Health of Republic Uzbekistan by the decision of the Academic council of the Tashkent pediatric medical institute. Structure of department of urgent pediatrics the manager. Department the professor, doctor phylosophy Sharipov A.M., senior lecturer Hakimov D.P., the senior lecturer Ahmatalieva M. A, assistant Shoikramov Sh.Sh., assistant  Khamzaev K.A., assistant Safarov Z.F.,  assistant Mamatkulov B. B., assistant Tilyakov A.B., assistant Kariyeva Sh. A., assistant  Alimov A.A., assistant Golubina I.V., assistant Abdullaev K.G., assistant Kasymova N.A., assistant Shukurov B.I., assistant Babadjanova Z.O. 

Training on department there pass students 5 courses in a subject «Urgent pediatrics», students of 6 courses in a subject «Emergency medical care» and Disster medicine, also Nursing faculty students. On department scientific researches in following directions are conducted: «Perfection of methods of diagnostics, urgent and emergency medical care at a pre-hospital stage».

Employees of department together with Republican centre of science of emergency medical care and the Tashkent station of the first help participate in cоздании and introduction of the automated control system of the first help according to the project «Increase of efficiency of rendering of emergency medical care in Republic Uzbekistan».

Employees of department participated with working out of standards of rendering of the first help. The developed standards are confirmed by the Order of Ministry of Health №279 from September, 19th, 2012. In frameworks Decisions of the Cabinet №91 from March, 29th, 2012 “About measures on the further strengthening of material base and perfection of the organisation of activity of medical institutions» employees of department together with Republican centre of science of emergency medical care and the Tashkent station of the first help actively participate in creation of a uniform coordination urgent care centre Employees of department and competitors actively co-operate with following organisations: the Republican specialised scientifically-practical medical centre of pediatrics, TashIUV, ТМА, BuhMI, AndMI, SamMI Urgenchsky branch TMA, Nukussky Branch TashPMI, Republican centre of science of emergency medical care and also with the foreign medical centres (the Moscow medical academy, scientific research institute of Pediatrics of the Russian Federation), leaders medical the organisations of some foreign countries. Employees of department actively participate in working out of methodical recommendations, manuals and textbooks (Emergency medical care and Urgent pediatrics with bases of extreme medicine).

Experience and achievements of scientific researches take root into educational process and for practical doctors. It is by this time let out more than 20 methodical recommendations and constant updating of methodical workings out according to requirements of modern standards of diagnostics and treatment is spent. Besides, employees of department, competitors and post-graduate students take active part in the international conferences, the congresses and symposiums. By this time by them it is published more than 370 theses, more than 85 articles and 8 monographies.

Within the 2013-2014 teaching year, the Department began to take masters degree students in emergency medical care. Republican scientific center of emergency medical care and Tashkent city ambulance service became the basis for the preparation of masters. At present the Department trains 6 master degree students. 

The goal of the department is: to Educate future physicians to the basics of emergency medical care, to teach the “chain of survival” and the practices of its delivery.
The structure of Emergency Medical Care System in Republic Uzbekistan:   

Hospital bases for teaching for department

1. TashPMI hospital

2. Tashkent city ambulance station.

3. Tashkent city perinatal centre.

4. Republican perinatal centre.

5. Tashkent city infectious diseases hospital №3.