The Department of Emergency Pediatrics, Disaster Medicine was founded in 1992 on the recommendation of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan by the decision of the Academic Council of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute

Prerequisites for the creation and opening of the department

From 1989 to 1991, groups of pediatricians were sent to Uzbekistan under the program of the USSR Children’s Fund to combat the high level of child mortality. Among the specialists were pediatric resuscitators, pediatricians, narrow specialists and employees of the Department of “Emergency Pediatrics” of the Leningrad Pediatric Institute. Together with pediatricians of the republic, groups of the Children’s Fund worked in many regions of the republic, which allowed to reduce the infant mortality rate from 46.2 ppm to 37.6 ppm. This work was coordinated by the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan. In 1991, before the closure of this program, the specialists of the Children’s Fund groups recommended opening the Department of “Emergency Pediatrics” as part of the SAMPI (now TashPMI). Therefore, in the spring of 1991, the Ministry of Health of the republic sent the chief pediatrician of the country, Associate Professor Sharipov A.M., to the board of the Ministry of Health of the USSR to explain to the Minister of Health, Academician A.A. Baranov (pediatrician) about the urgent need to provide maternity hospitals with cuvettes and create a department of “Emergency Pediatrics” at SAMPI. After appropriate approvals, starting from the academic year 1992-1993, the Department of “Emergency Pediatrics” began to operate as part of TashPMI. The department was headed by professor, MD Umarova Zukhra Sultanovna, a graduate of the 1st Moscow Medical Institute named after I.M.Sechenov. Professor Umarova Z.S headed the department from 1993 to 2003. From 2003 to 2018, professor Umarova Z.S. was a professor consultant of the department.

Umarova Zukhra Sultanovna

From 2003 to the present, the department is headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor Sharipov Alisher Mirhamidovich.

Sharipov Alisher Mirkhamidovich

Persons who have worked at the department up to the present time

Umarova Zukhra Sultanovna, MD, Professor, renowned pediatrician, scientist, teacher.

Umarova Zukhra Sultanovna
1948 – 2018

After successful completion of clinical residency (1976 – 1978) in pediatrics of the Central Asian Medical Pediatric Institute (SAMPI), Prof. Umarova Z.S. from 1978 to 1982 worked as an assistant at the Department of Hospital Pediatrics of SAMPI. In 1982, she entered postgraduate studies at the Department of Children’s Diseases of the I Moscow Medical Institute, which she successfully completed in 1987 and defended her PhD thesis under the guidance of Academician L.A. Isaeva.

After returning to Uzbekistan, Umarova Z.S. worked at the Department of Polyclinic training of SAMPI in 1985 to 1987. In 1988 she entered the doctoral program at the Department of Children’s Diseases of the 1st Moscow Medical Institute named after I.M. Sechenov and in 1992 successfully defended her doctoral dissertation. In 1992, Professor Umarova Z.S. headed the Department of Emergency Pediatrics of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute from the day of its foundation, which she led until 2003, and then was its permanent professor. Since the Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan Prof. Umarova Z.S. and the staff of the department for the first time created an action plan for the development of emergency pediatrics in the Republic in order to reduce child and infant mortality in the country for practical health care.

As the national coordinator of the UNICEF and SDS project “Implementation of live birth criteria according to WHO recommendations” in the Republic of Uzbekistan for 10 years (year), she led the implementation of international live birth criteria, which led to a decrease in infant mortality.

She was the deputy chairman of the committee on reducing infant mortality for 5 years, a member of the expert commission of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan on assigning the category to doctors.

From 1999 to 2002 , Prof. Umarova Z.S. was the vice-rector for Scientific Work and International Relations of TashPMI, a member of the Scientific Council of TashPMI, the Scientific Specialized Council on Pediatrics, an expert of the Commission of the Higher Attestation Commission, a member of the expert commission of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

She has co-authored the textbook “Emergency Pediatrics with the basics of Extreme Medicine”, 3 emergency medicine manuals, 65 journal articles, 15 guidelines and manuals, more than 200 other publications. The results of her scientific research have been applied in the practice of domestic pediatrics and intensive care for children.

Professor Umarova Z.S. participated in the development of curricula on emergency pediatrics, disaster medicine for pediatric faculties. She began to actively introduce advanced pedagogical technologies into the learning process.

She was a regular participant of national and international pediatric congresses, symposiums, congresses, and repeatedly made presentations at them. Participated in the formation of the emergency medical care service for children, was a member of the Association of Pediatricians of Uzbekistan, the Union of Pediatricians of Russia, a member of the executive committee of the Federation of Pediatricians of the CIS countries, the European Association of Intensive Medicine (ESICM), the editorial board of the journal “Issues of Practical Pediatrics”.

Jubatova Rosa Spanovna, MD, professor of the department

Jubatova Rosa Spanovna

Rosa Spanovna Jubatova, MD, Second Professor of the Department, Head of the Department of Emergency Pediatrics was born in 1956 in the Karakalpak ASSR, in Turtkul, graduated from SAMPI in 1979, worked in Ulan–Ude until 1984, 1984-1986 – clinical resident in pediatrics in SAMPI, 1987-1990. Postgraduate student of 1 MMI named after Sechenova, since 1991 – MNS and assistant of TashPMI. Since 1996 – Associate Professor of the Department of Emergency Pediatrics, and since 2008 – the second professor of the department. From 2007 to 2012 – headed the RSNPMC of Pediatrics as the chief pediatrician of the republic. Since 2012. She headed the Department of Emergency Pediatrics of the RNCEMP. She has published more than 190 scientific papers, 2 monographs, 3 training manuals, 15 methodological recommendations, and was awarded the “Excellent Health Care” badge.

Валиева Фарида Толиповна, к.м.н., доцент кафедры

Valeeva Farida Talipova

Valieva Farida Talipova worked as an associate professor of the Department of Emergency Pediatrics from 2004 to 2011. She has published more than 80 scientific papers, 1 monograph, 2 manuals, 8 methodological recommendations.

At the department worked assistant, PhD, Popova N.V. (1994-1999), PhD, Yuzup I.B. (1994-1999), associate professor PhD, Kabulova R.A. (1993-2003)., associate professor Gulyamov R.O. (1995-2009), assistant Abduvakhabov A.A. (1994-1996), assistant Tsareva N.D. (1994-2003), assistant Anvarova I.I. (1994-1997), clinical resident Zufarov A.K. (1995-1997), clinical resident Bedilova N.S. (1995-1997), assistant Ph.D., Usmanova N.N. (1996-1999), associate professor Ph.D., Tagirova R.H. (1998-2004), clinical resident Omanov M. (1997-1999), clinical resident Omanova K. (1997-1999), clinical resident Ibragimova A (1997-1999), clinical resident Ryabykh T. (1997-1999), clinical resident Asimov S.A. (1998-2000), clinical resident Sohibzhanov D.S. (1998-2000), assistant Atazhanov S.A. (2003-2005).

History of the department development
1 period of activity of the department 1992 – 2003.

Comprehensive support of healthcare leaders, rectors of TashPMI (professor D.A. Asadov, professor A.V. Alimov and professor T.A. Daminov) in order to attract foreign partners for the implementation of the program “Emergency Pediatrics and Disaster Medicine”

From 1992 to 2003, Professor Umarova Z.S. headed the Department of Emergency Pediatrics, which included Associate Professor Sharipov A.M. – Chief Pediatrician of the Republic, and since 1994 – Chairman of the working group of the Republican Commission of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The training of students of pediatric faculties was conducted in the 5th year according to the curriculum “Emergency Pediatrics”, which was aimed at organizing intensive care in pediatric departments of hospitals, maternity hospitals, infectious diseases hospitals and emergency departments. During the education, students gained knowledge on the diagnosis and treatment of critical conditions in children.

The department carried out active work in the pediatric health care in many regions of the republic, organized training and seminars for primary care physicians, provided practical assistance to rural medical centers, worked together on protocols on emergency conditions in children.

During this period, the department actively cooperates with the following organizations: Research Institute of Pediatrics, TASHIUV, TMA, BUKHMI, AndMI, SamMI, Urgench branch of TMA, Nukus Branch of TashPMI, Republican Scientific Center of Emergency Medical Care, as well as with foreign medical centers (Moscow Medical Academy, Research Institute of Pediatrics of the Russian Federation, Belarusian Medical Center of Emergency First aid station of Chisinau, Dushanbe Medical Institute), leading medical organizations of a number of foreign countries. The staff of the department actively participated in the development of methodological recommendations, textbooks and textbooks on emergency pediatrics. The experience and achievements of scientific research were introduced into the educational process and for the training of practitioners.

Exchange of specialists, trainings conducted with Belarusian doctors in Minsk, visit of the head of the Department of Emergency Care to Tashkent.

Active cooperation with the Republican Center for Emergency Medical Care with the participation of leading specialists of critical medicine from the USA.

Visit of the rector of TashPMI Alimov A.V. And Associate Professor Sharipov A.M. to the University of Oregon (USA) and Dornbecker Hospital in order to familiarize with the bachelor’s degree program. Meeting with experts of the emergency medical service

History of the department development
2 the period of activity of the department
2003 – 2012

Introduction of a new curriculum for emergency medical care through the introduction of new international standards

Discussion at the Rector of TashPMI about cooperation with colleagues from the Republics of Belarus and Moldova on the introduction of a new curriculum at the Department of Emergency Pediatrics and Disaster Medicine – emergency medical care and disaster medicine within the framework of the partnership program with the University of Oregon.

Experience in the implementation of new international standards, the training of which is carried out with the help of simulators – dummies, dummies and other training materials

Creation of one of the clinical bases of the department for the training of bachelors and doctors in emergency medical care. The opening ceremony of the Training Center for Immediate (emergency) medical care at the TashPMI polyclinic (2005).

Creation of one of the clinical bases of the department for training bachelors and doctors in emergency medical care: Providing emergency medical care to a patient from an auto injury and training bachelors in practical skills

Creation of an emergency medical department at the TashPMI clinic (2007).

Training on emergency medical care in a refugee camp from Kyrgyzstan (2010).

History of the department development
3 the period of activity of the department
2012 – present

The new curriculum was supplemented with the course “Emergency medical care”

National Congress on Emergency Medicine

International relations of the Department with the Republic of South Korea

The current composition of the department is currently

Sharipov A.M. – Head of the Department, Professor, MD (from 1992 to the present, and since 2003 – Head of the Department)

Akhmatalieva M.A. – PhD, associate professor (from 2003 to the present)

Khamzaev K.A. – PhD, associate professor (2004- present)

Mamatkulov B.B. – PhD, Associate Professor (2007 – present)

Shoikramov Sh.Sh. – assistant (from 1994 to the present)

Safarov Z.F. – PhD, Assistant (from 2003 to the present)

Rasulov A. A. – Assistant (from 2020 to the present)

Work at the department currently.