Pedagogical activities The staff of the department includes 13 teachers; 7 of them – senior teachers, 6 of them-teachers; 2 languages are taught at the department; English and German. The students of 1, 2, 3 courses. 1, 2 course students of Nurses Preparing faculty, and 1st course residents are thought at the department. Teaching according to the curriculum for 1st year students– 154 hours, for 2nd year students – 120 hours, for 3rd year students – 116 hours and for students of Masters degree – 120 hours. After graduating Bachelor’s Degree students should know: – the basic grammar material – 800 Vocabulary units. The students should be able: – to read and understand medical literature – – to report the information in oral and written form using mother language or one foreign. – To make conversations on the covered topics. – to pronounce vocabulary properly – to organize grammar structures Pedagogical work is being done to reach the goals. The staff works on the improvement of the teaching methods, teaching the material is being added with new interactive techniques. Each of the teachers regularly has courses on the improvement of their qualification and shares the ideas with colleagues. They take part in seminars, conferences; publish articles, manuals on the modern teaching experiences of English, German language teaching. The seminars and conferences usually take part in Tashkent State Law University, Uzbek State University of World languages, Tashkent State Pedagogical University.

monograph Buranova D.D.