The scientific subject of the department is applying New Pedagogic Technology at English lessons in Medical Higher Educational Institutes. The teachers of the department are conducting methodic and practical activity. Recently it has been published: 1 textbook, 4 teaching aids, 1 dictionary, more than 50 scientific articles and   thesises. Our department actively cooperates with Uz SUWL, Uzbekistan Research Institute if Pedagogic sciences, Tashkent State Law Institute and others. We constantly take part in republic and international conferences and training seminars. Our students participate in students scientific societies and annually get prizes. In 2012 at students scientific conference the student of TashPMI took the second place. Our teachers Buranova D.D., Rakhimova G.R., Tolipova Sh.Sh.have participated in  the first international conference focusing on teaching content-based language, that was held on the 2nd May of 2015 year in National Library named after Alisher Navoi in Tashkent city. Our teachers shared with their knoweldge and experience of teaching of foreign languages in medical institutions  in workshops and visited lections of the well-known British and American experts. They found the conference a rewarding, stimulating and enjoyable experience! On the 28th March of 2019 year our department organized the first international scientific conference in the TashPMI “Foreign languages and Foreign experience in the development of Modern Medicine”, where have been participated not only teachers and students of our institute but also foreign guests Dr.Mayer Johanna Katharine, Dr.Chiesa David Lawrence.

National Development Program “Science 2020”

All teachers of the department “Foreign languages, pedagogy and psychology” took part in the seminars of the information and resource center and registered their data in the international scientific databases of Scopus and Science Direct in the department of training of scientific and pedagogical staff in the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute. Teachers of our department have registered their data in the international scientific databases of Scopus and Science Direct for reading and downloading scientific works in their specialty. Currently, the total number of downloads of scientific papers is 500 articles. These scientific works are used today in the study work and in the scientific activity of our department.

foreign article Guzacheva N.I.

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