Responsible for the scientific activities of the department: assistant Tolipova Sh.Sh,

International collaboration of the chair:

  • Deparment Practical English Language, Kazakh National Medical University named after Asfandiyarov, – Baktybayeva Anel
  • Department English language, Bologne Univbersity, Italy, – Roberto Boltri
  • Lingual school Asya Delim , Turkey

In this academic year 2022-2023, the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Tashkent PTI organized an international scientific and practical round table and master classes on the topic “European standards for students: knowledge of foreign languages ​​as an integral part of higher medical education.” Scientists and experts from Italy and Kazakhstan Roberto Boltri, Annalisa Boltri and Altyn Makhanbetzhanova conducted master classes on topics such as: “European standards for student teaching”, “Today’s image of a teacher”, “Functional approach to modern requirements in teaching English”, presentations were made for students on the topic: “European standards for writing a resume”, “Features of international student education”, etc. Interactive international exercises were an important step in improving the English language knowledge of students, as well as developing professional skills among teachers of the department based on the effective use of the latest technologies and techniques.Based on the results of the two-day international master class, samples of new scientific and educational plans were drawn up, and a set of future tasks was defined. The discussion of issues of cooperation between the parties gave a clear positive result, as a result of which experts from Italy proposed concluding a memorandum on international cooperation between TashPTI and the University of Bologna.