The Department of “children infectious diseases”

Of Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute


   In 1972, in Central Asian Pediatric Medical Institute was founded 1 and 2 of infectious diseases. 1 head of the department of infectious diseases was appointed Egamberdieva Igamberdievna Jamila ( 1972-1984 gg.), Also worked with her at the department lecturers V.F.Kodirov, A.S.Haratova, S.U.Muhamedbabaeva, L.U.Mahmudova, V.S.Abagyants , R.A.Morgunova .



 From 1972 to 1976, the department have the patronage of Namangan region. Since 1977, the work is carried out in the patronage Kashkadarya region (Shahrizabsky, Kitab, Mubarek, Talimarjan, Kokdalinsky, Usman Yusupov , Kasan areas and Shakhrisabz). In areas being sponsored large medical- advisory, education and outreach, as well as organizational and methodological work with the staff . Every year perfected educational and methodical work. In 1972, the department developed guidelines for lectures and practical exercises, which in 1975, in 1978 and 1983-84 were processed according to the new curriculum.
     Since 1985, the head of the department was appointed Associate Professor Irina Islambekova Agzamova (1985-1988). Also worked with her Morgunova R.A., Muhamedbabaeva S.U., S.M. Usmanov, Haratova A.S., Daminova S.A., Artikov V.T., Daminova D.H, Ibragimov H. N., Daminova M.N., Sagirova R.M., Fazylova Z.R., Zakirhodzhaeva G.Y., A.D. Mudarisov Muxsimov A.H., Mahkamova S. Umarov I.M., Umarov T.U., S.U. Umarov, Askarova I.A., Suburban N.F., Kadirova O.S., Yusupov G.K.


      Second head of the Department of Infectious Diseases is Mahmudov Orkhon Sirozhiddinovich (1972-1984 gg.), From 1984 to 1990. head was Ambartsumov S.M., 1990-1995, Mukhammedov D.B., 1995-1997, Assoc. Mukhitdinov I.M. Over the years, the department worked Kadyrov Professor B.A., N.S. Loginov, docents Daminova M.Z., Raspberry E.S., O.S. Kadyrov , Akhmedov, M.N., Maksudova S.S., Zakirhodzhaev A.H., M.M. Mirismailov assistants Inoyatov F.I., Abagyants V.S0., Yusupov D.H., Tolaganov A.R., Medvedev O.G., Akhmedov Z.H., Kurtieva S.h., Abdullayev O.I., Suburban N.F., M.D. Mikhailov, Musaeva D.H, Nazarov N.V., Rihsieva G.M., Artikov G.Sh. Shodzhalilova M. S. Aliyev G.R., Khashimov K.B., Osipova E.M., Kodirova R.B., Yusupov G.K.
        Since 1989, Assoc. Zakirhodzhaev A.H., transferred to the post of professor of . Since 1997, I and II Department of Pediatric infections were combined, and the head became Professor of the Department. Zakirhodzhaev A.H., In 1997, the department has joined with the Department of Infectious Diseases and epidemiology department was renamed the “department of infectious diseases epidemiology”. And in 1998, the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases department and began to teach students 6 and 7 courses TashPMI .


        From 1990 to the present staff of the Department written and put into print 60 of textbooks in Uzbek and Russian languages. Wrote a monograph on polio ( 1995). Under the leadership of the head. prof . Zakirhodzhaev A.H., were protected by two doctoral and 7 master’s theses. Currently under the leadership A.H.Zakirhodzhaev completed 2 and 4 doctoral dissertations. Edited by prof . Zakirhodzhaev A.H. published 4 volumes guidance on infectious diseases in Russian, Uzbek and Latin. Published textbook ” Children’s infectious diseases ” in Uzbek, Russian and Latin. Monograph on viral hepatitis in Uzbek and Russian languages.
      Since September 2010 A.H. Zakirhodzhaev transferred to the post of professor and Head of the Department was appointed Professor B.M.Tadjiev.