1. Training on chair there pass students of 5 and 7 courses pediatric, and also students of 4 and 6 courses medico-pedagogical faculties. 2. The chair is located on the first floor of the medical case 2 of city clinical tubercular hospital, has enough of educational rooms, an office of the department chair, a conference room, and also separately equipped room for self-preparation of students 3. Also classes with students in the taken-away rooms of city children’s clinical hospital of Tashkent are given. 4. Since December, 2012 the contract with Republican Specialized scientifically – the practical medical center of phthisiology and pulmonology which is head establishment of antitubercular service of the Republic is signed. On the basis of the center training there pass masters, clinical interns and students of the 7th course Tash PMI. 5. Classes with students also are given in antitubercular clinics: city PTD and PTD No. 4 of Tashkent